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Plan for a Nutritional Approach to Restoring Health

Your first Consultation with Merri Harris will take about 1 hour of your time and will involve:
  • A thorough Nutritional Assessment History review
  • A thorough Medical History Assessment review
  • A preliminary mental Health assessment if required
  • Create an initial treatment/action plan together that may involve:
    • Completing a food diary for a couple of weeks
    • Modifying your diet for a few weeks to eliminate suspected food intolerances
    • Taking some basic supplements to remedy apparent deficiencies
    • Establishing the idea that food eaten, or not eaten, may be the cause, or the solution, to your health problems.
Your second visit will take about 30 minutes and will:
  Assess the value of the last appointment and any actions taken
  • Resolve any difficulties in the implementation of the plan
  • Modify the plan to deal with the current complaints/issues
  • Decide on an agreed approach for future action

Your third visit will take about 30 minutes and will:

  • Assess whether we are on the right track to restoring issues via the nutritional approach tried so far
  • If there are not significant, or adequate, changes in your health, to date, we can consider referral to an appropriate medical person who can request in depth medical diagnostic tests to help uncover more difficult issues.

Nutritional Assessment History and Medical Assessment History forms downloadable here (as PDF):