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Rebecca Watson is a qualified and registered Naturopath, and you can see her right here.

Click here to download a "New Patient Form" (history) Use the Chiropractic Form and fill in the first two pages.

What is Naturopath and why do I need to see Rebecca?

It is about getting to the real cause of your health condition

Looking at you as a whole person not just ‘naming symptoms’

Building a completed plan to recovery

Teaching you to be well again and how to do it.

Sick of being sick?

Over popping pill after pill and not really feeling better?

How about a new approach?

Rebecca Watson has specialist training to get to the bottom of complex health states.

She will work with your current health team to build a plan and get you well.

Is your thyroid ruining your life?

Tired all the time? can’t lose weight? Constipated? dry skin? Hair falling out?

When was the last time you had your thyroid check? And not just a standard TSH?

Rebecca Watson is a Naturopath specialising in thyroid conditions and you can see her right here!

Just ask our great reception team when you can see Rebecca and get your life back!

Stress and anxiety

Silent and debilitating, anxiety can take control over your life.

Have you considered a Naturopathic approach?

Rebecca Watson is highly experienced with stress and anxiety disorders.

Building a plan to work with your current medication and medical team

Together we will get you back in control. You just need to take the 1st step.