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What to expect at the first visit

All new patients/clients will be availed of a full history taking session and physical examination. Depending on the outcome of these results and tests treatment may, or may not, be provided on the first visit. In general, though, we endeavor to provide relief and comfort as quickly as possible. On appropriate occasions some people may be referred to other practitioners or for X-rays or other evaluations before treatment is commenced. 

What we expect of you

Many patients/clients will be asked to consider making changes to work activities, modify work stations or recreational activities, make diet changes or modify sleeping habits to help with their recovery. Your health care process is a partnership between the patient/client and the practitioner and, to the best of our ability, treatment will be tailored to suit your needs and capacity.

If you care to fill in the "New Patient Form" download here prior to your first appointment it will save some time on arrival.