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Benefits of a wholistic approach

Just about anybody can be helped.  The trick is to match the problem that you have, along with understanding your general standard of health and your desired goals with the appropriate type of care and health care provider.

Because we have a multitude of approaches we can treat people with new injuries or problems as well as old and/or recurring problems. Having a wide range of treatment types allows us to treat the elderly and frail as well as people who may be anxious about the prospect of some types of care. We work very hard at making you comfortable and to give you confidence to participate in your own care.

We are particularly comfortable with providing care for repetitious strain and overuse injuries and sports injuries. 

Digestive complaints can often be helped by a combination of therapies including nutritional supplements, changes in diet and possibly lifestyle changes. Inflammatory conditions may be helped by understanding your whole system, especially your digestive system, past medical history and family history. A thorough approach to your history can often uncover a history of digestive complaints, excessive use of antibiotics at some time in your life and/or genetic predispositions that allow us to get to the source of the problem. A team approach can sometimes work wonders!

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