• Benefits of a wholistic approach

    Just about anybody can be helped. The trick is to match the problem that you have, along with understanding your general standard of health and your desired goals with the appropriate type of care and health care provider.

What We Offer

Byford Healing Arts is much more than a chiropractic based health clinic. We provide services to help all ages of people from young babies to the elderly. We nurture all aspects of the human condition by providing support for the emotional, spiritual, and physical. Besides providing very experienced chiropractors, we have specialist skills in musculo-skeletal complaints from the fingers to the toes and everything in between. We can nurture the soul by providing hot stone massage, energy healing and meditation. We can treat the whole person via massage, naturopathy and ayurvedic practices.

Who We Are

Working with our hands and physiotherapy modalities we can treat old and new injuries, acute sport injuries to chronic problems of the whole body. We evaluate the whole body by starting with the function of the feet and knees and working our way up. We love a challenge!

Why Choose Us?

Have you ever wished you could go to one health care provider and have all of your health issues, functional problems, dietary and exercise advice dealt with at the same time. We are that place! Byford Healing Arts practitioners are all wholistic in their approach. All practitioners spend time with you gathering a wide variety of information, past and present complaints and symptoms. Once that is completed you are provided with a physical exam that considers your whole body. Yes, we can treat you for a recently acquired complaint or injury as well. However, many people come to us for treatment of long term complaints or because they are frustrated with previous health care approaches.

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Please send us an email: merri@byfordhealingarts.com.au

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Address : 798 South Western Highway, Byford WA 6122,
Phone : (08) 9525 1828 or Emergency afterhours 0437 911 011,
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